Micelli Hits the Track

Micelli’s commitment to investment in new technologies such as Haas CNC machining centers landed us in the spotlight with Nascar. We recently were recognized by Stewart-Haas racing team for our commitment to technology improvement with a sponsor placement on Kurt Busch’s Naascar. We were on the winning car in this years’ Pocono 400, a real honor to be a part of such a wining organization.

Molding The Future

Molds for Cannabis Edibles

We're helping the pioneers of the quickly emerging medicinal cannabis-edibles industry bring their products to market. Accurate dosing, symbols, and warning engravings are critical in this industry and you need a professional mold company to insure it’s done right and consistently across the entire mold set. We have been involved from the very beginnings of this sector and produced thousands of molds for companies in this market giving us the experience needed to get it right for you.

Micelli’s Success in confectionery molds opens doors in the retail display mold market

The chocolate Mold business requires a company to be proficient in many areas such as engineering, tool manufacturing, and injection molding. It requires a company set up for quick turn around and short run injection molding. Outside confectionery molds this is somewhat uncommon with most shops specializing in one of these areas.

While specialization is good for those companies, it can be a Burdon for the customer dealing with multiple shops. This is especially true in the relatively short run display market. Over the past 3-4 years Micelli has become increasing successful in the area of injection mold tooling and injection molding for the display market and other specialty plastic products such as the automotive aftermarket.

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Micelli Completes a 24 month plant modernization and expansion

We recently completed 24 month $2,000,000 plant modernization and expansion as part of our commitment to giving our customers the most efficient manufacturing process possible now and in the future.

Engineering and Tool making capabilities

The investment includes the addition of an adjacent building which houses a new design and tooling facility. The building contains 5 new engineering workstations and 9 new CNC milling centers. This investment further bolsters our commitment to continuous improvement in the chocolate mold and confectionery related products arena. It also allows expansion of tool making capabilities for non-chocolate products such as displays and automotive components. This diversification allows Micelli to be stronger and continue investments for all of our customer’s needs.

Production - Tooling

We have added to our production master mold tooling as well, adding two additional master mold base/bolster tools. The first is a smaller 1 ton mold base for producing Artisan and smaller sized molds, we are committed to providing our Artisan customers the same quality and service as we have been known for in the industrial market. The second is a 5 ton master mold base for industrial sized chocolate molds that allows improved quality and efficiency.

Production - Injection Molding

Our production facility has been upgraded with new power systems and two additional injection molding presses. The first is a smaller sized press with robotic operation to produce complementary products for both confectionery and non-confectionery related items. The second is a brand new large injection molding press for large molds and oversized parts. This adds to our existing 4 presses making a total of 6 presses in the facility.